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Women Empowered Series – Andrea Jepson on Changing Your Career

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Is changing our career after 20 years an easy decision? Is it even possible to make it work and become successful?

Every month Belinda MJ.Brown interviews a “Woman Empowered” who will share her passion, her tips to succeed and her news. Our objective with this series is to provide Men and Women with material to explore the feminine vision of success, balance and life in order to create new opportunities not only for Women but for organizations and communities. This month we are speaking with Andrea Jepson.

Andrea is an inspiring woman who decided to change her career after 20 years of touring with bands and artists as a Lightning Technician. Today she is a successful Financial Advisor with SE Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch. After enjoying her long career in entertainment where she traveled the world, she decided it was time for a change. She made the difficult decision to leave her job, to go back to school, and to join the financial services industry. She assists her clients plan their financial future and reach their goals.

Watch the video interview where she shares her perspective on success, passion and life.

If you want to contact Andrea, feel free to do so by writing her an email – andrea.jepson[at]

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