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Executive business coaching – why asking for help is actually good?

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business coaching for womenExecutive coaching is a service for successful people. Not the other way around.

Some people see coaching as a thing for people who struggle with their career and don’t know what they want. This can sometimes be the case but executive coaching actually helps high performers and successful people. Let me tell you what is the difference with this program and why having an executive coach or women success expert might be the best decision you are about to take.

1. Executive coaching saves time – As a top manager or executive you value time but some of the more important decisions are time-dependent because you need to evaluate the different options ahead of you. You need to decide if the pros are more than the cons and how would that impact your future. And sometimes even the best of us lose too much time trying to find the right answer. If you work with a coach, you will learn how to make those decisions faster and to trust your own intuition.

2. Executive coaching means directing  your efforts – Imagine the typical day – you start working on a really important task and you have to evaluate the options. But you can’t focus as there are way too many things that are interrupting you.  Coaching will give you tools to clarify and prioritize then you can really focused on what is important and not urgent. You might be already ready to take the decision as soon as your coaching meeting starts – just because you gained clarity which leads you to direct your energy toward what will serve you and your organization.

3. Executive coaching means growing smarter – The goal of your executive coach is to ensure you are making conscious decision to lead your career in the direction you want prepared for each transition. The result is that she helps you understand what your next steps need to be and how to overcome some current limitations or roadblocks along the way. Your executive coach is your partner knows and will encourage you to strengthen your own qualities and to identify possible blind spots to grow.

4. Executive coaching is not a sign of weakness – If you ask for help you are not telling the world that you are incapable. You are showing yourself and people around you that you know what are your weaknesses and your strengths, you know how to overcome the small bumps on the road and you are focused on a long term growth.

5. Coaching takes off the pressure – Some people feel they make better decisions under stress. Most of us actually don’t. If you feel a lot of pressure over you regarding taking the right decision, you will be nervous and most probably will be stuck. What coaching does is it takes that pressure of you – sometimes only the fact that there is someone else that might be able to help is enough.

6. Executive business coaching gives you new perspective – You know how a nice conversation with a friend or an expert makes you thrive with new ideas? Well, your coach is better than a friend because it does practice detached involvement and has nothing at stake in your partnership but help you to define success on your own terms.  As an expert, a strategic thinker and a leader – she will use your energy and focus it on finding the great ideas and solutions that already lies within you.

About Belinda MJ. Brown

Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Equanimity Executive, Belinda assists leaders and executives working in Diverse Organizations to develop their leadership skills which include communication, problem solving and decision making. She empowers women and individuals from minority groups to dare thinking outside the box so they can focus on bringing their leadership style to the workplace.

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