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The Stress of the Holiday Season

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Facts about the Holiday Season…

The Holidays will start with Thanksgiving, as usual on a Thursday. For many of us starts the stress of the Holiday Season.The Stress of the Holiday Season | Executive Coaching
Some of us will drive long hours on hostile highways, others will accommodate members of their family for several days sometimes stretching their budget, while others will stay at home alone; they rather not to visit their relatives because of a dispute, a lack of money or else. All of these will mostly result in stress.

How many of us do remember this particular event because of a difficult conversation with an in Law or a miscommunication about who will prepare the dinner?

How stressful is it already for you and your family? Very much, uh!!!

What makes you think that it has to be a stressful event this year again?

• Past experience: “My Mom do not like to cook, I will have to”,
• Fear: “I am not comfortable flying to my parents this year”,
• Limiting belief: “My new in Laws are very different from me because they are X, Y, Z”
• Interpretation: “Last year, Ron told me that he did not like my pie, he doesn’t like me”
The Stress of the Holiday Season | What is Coaching?






What would it take to make this event as meaningful and joyful as we expect it?

Our intention!

It seems to be an easy thing to say, is not it? It is as well an easy thing to do if you think about it. We all have the power to make this day a peaceful and meaningful event. We may decide this year to look at this date as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our success with our family, relatives and friends, to be grateful for what we have and for each experience and every person who crossed our path.
Let us visualize ourselves already at this particular moment or situation that we apprehend, and then let us imagine that you may simply rewrite the scene like we were the producer of a show.

How would we like to rewrite this scene? What does it look like (using all our senses: smell, touch, hearing, taste, sight)? What would we say? What would your family or relatives would say? What would we do? How good would we feel at this particular moment? Let’s hold on this feeling for a moment.

Now, we may determine our intention!

I would suggest us to write down what we did experience through this 3 to 5 minutes scenario and to keep our findings with us through the Holiday week end with the intention to make it happens!

Please share your Past Stressful experience and/ or your Stress Free Thanksgiving experience with us on our blog, you may remain anonymous 😉

We wish you a Safe and Stress Free Thanksgiving.

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