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Response to Change #4: Acceptance

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After you have made the conscious decision to accept the transformation, you will feel at peace. Acceptance as a conscious decision gives you the opportunity to view the change as a positive and expand your perspectives. Your act of self leadership can open the door for other people to embrace the same positive energy. In an organization, you might see a merger as a chance to discover new clients or achieve a professional career path.

Acceptance helps you to become curious about a new way of living life where you are relaxed about the realities you experience. You are open to inevitability of new policies and adaptations. By adopting this state of mind, you can improve your mental health and creative mindset. New, creative thoughts are generated which can help your company to design innovative, new products. Instead of focusing on the negatives, you are able to focus on how you impact the lives of those around you. This improves the experience for your clients and enhances the positive energy for everyone in the workplace.

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. -Carl Jung

Susan Russo wrote in one of her article:

Accepting what happens to you in life isn’t always easy, but what is so easy about not accepting things? As a matter of fact, it’s a lot easier on yourself to learn how to accept things than it is to deal with the havoc the resistance wreaks in your life. You need to give yourself a good talking to. You need to let yourself know that even though things didn’t work out the way you wanted doesn’t mean they won’t down the road with someone or something else in your life. When you learn the Art of Acceptance you will be prepared to deal with life with grace and you can invite adversity in the next time it knocks at your door, because the sooner you let it in, the sooner it is going to leave. But by resisting it, you will only prolong the inevitable.

Set yourself free and embrace any situation without judgment.

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