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This free webinar hosted by Belinda MJ Brown, Certified Executive Coach & Women Success Expert and Certified Hypnotherapist Yasmine Verberckt will provide you with the missing link. Belinda has been working with female leaders for the past 5 years and has assisted them to overcome the challenge of being a woman in a masculine corporate environment. Yasmine is supporting women to bring out the best in them, so they feel comfortable in knowing they have made the right choice.

In this free webinar your experts will discuss:

  • 1

    Practical information AND tools to set you free

    Rely on Yasmine and Belinda’s expertise

  • 2

    The conscious and subconscious mind’s role

    How you can impact both

  • 3

    The purpose of anxiety and how to use it

    Yes, there is a purpose and understanding it will set you free

Q & A

Who should attend?

Anyone experiencing worry and wanting to tame their anxiety is welcome to attend. Whether your worry is related to your relationships, your work or your health, you will find content to reduce your anxiety levels.

Can this help me if I am already treated for anxiety?

Yasmine and Belinda believe there are complementary ways to tackle anxiety and that there is not one fit all solution. You will have access to wisdom and several tools, then you choose what works for you.

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