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Global Women Leadership Coaching | Enhance Organizational Culture

Executive Coaching For Women to Enhance Organizational Culture

Equanimity Executive, LCC is entitled by Women Leaders and Organizations to enable successful growth, profitability and high level of engagement. By utilizing Women Human Capital fully, corporate ventures generate exponential innovative and creative teams which bring the following results:

Executive Coaching for Women in Orlando arrowItem Creation of a trusted, motivating and innovative environment to enable the organization and the team to leverage the women leaders and executives potential

arrowItem Increase of the women employees and leaders’ engagement and performance

arrowItem Development of Executive Presence

arrowItem Enhancement of the customers’ experience,

arrowItem Promotion of critical thinking and diversity at every level in the organization

arrowItem Improvement of the decision-making process,

arrowItem Stress Reduction and burn out prevention,

arrowItem Open up interpersonal network that will support an inclusive diverse organizational culture.

Equanimity Executive, LLC offers a wide range of tools to assist women and their organizations to develop stronger global leadership:

tickItem High quality organizational culture assessments. The CTT Tools suite created by the Barrett Values Centre provides a wide range of possibility to develop a conscious and increase profitability and customer and employees engagements,

tickItem Energy Leadership Index (self and 360 versions) to enhance your leadership skills from within, enrich your experience and achieve work-life balance

tickItem DISC & Motivators to learn “How” and “Why” people respond differently (to change, situation, and conflicts…) and improve relationship with & within your team

tickItemStress Quotient ™

tickItemStandard and Tailored packages based on your needs and your objectives