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Coaching For Women In Transition

We meet everyday friends and family members unhappy about their life or their job who wants to make a change. Career Transition Coaching enables individuals to achieve their goals. You do hear about the term “Leadership” in business or sports environment. As we mentioned it “Leadership is also about leading yourself into accomplishing what you want, setting-up plans to achieve your goals, taking life changing decisions to improve the quality of our life…At Equanimity Executive, LLC we call it Personal Leadership. In a nutshell, Personal Leadership can take you places you never dream of. The common definition is the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. The required attributes of this individual are Courage, Commitment & Self Mastery. Applied to oneself, Personal Leadership brings extraordinary results in any area of life. Your global leadership and executive coach will work with you to influence and motivate yourself to accomplish your goals by providing the following career transition coaching services:

Culture Shock, Coaching Services for Spouse, Expat Coaching, Develop cultural awareness to adapt
arrowItem Assessment of your current paradigm
arrowItem Exploration of your desired state of being and what you would like to improve in your life
arrowItem Creation of a strong sense of personal and professional direction.
arrowItem Development of your plan.
arrowItem Assistance in dealing  with feelings of isolation and difficulties while in the adaptation phase.
arrowItem Ensurance that day-to-day activities are successful.
arrowItem Provider of high quality assessments.

Through one of the Career Transition Coaching programs, your global leadership and executive coach uses a process that involves:
tickItemEnergy Leadership Coaching.
tickItemA 5 Steps Process called “ACE IT Womanly™”
tickItemCustomized Tools