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How authenticity will lead you to greater and effortless success

Posted at May 29, 2014 | By : | Categories : Career Success,Leadership | 3 Comments

What is authenticity? It’s being yourself, standing up for your own values and taking actions that are not against your beliefs.


Do you think that you can succeed if you don’t follow your own authenticity? I’m sure you can.It would be harder, slower and not as rewarding though. You would need to struggle with a lot of decisions that you don’t like, take steps that don’t coincide with your personal motivations and play on other people’s terms. Are you still not convinced? Here are some reasons why authenticity will make your success faster and greater:

1. You make decisions faster – When you know your goals it’s much easier to decide if a step is coinciding with them or not. You don’t need to evaluate things over and over again to take action. You know if it’s right or wrong. When you decide to take actions against your own beliefs, it takes a lot more time to make the step. You will find yourself losing valuable time questioning the outcome, how would it reflect on your future and your current career path. When you feel that something is wrong, you can’t easily accept it.

2. You value yourself more – Have you ever taken a decision that you knew would be bad for you or someone else? If you had, then I’m sure you still remember every detail that lead to that step. You can’t move forward if you are constantly rethinking old decision. If you took a step out of your beliefs, you would regret it for a long time. You might lose you confidence and it always shows. Being authentic in your management actions helps you reach success and be happy with it.

3. You are valued – People like working with people that stand behind the things that they believe in. Even if you stand up against a higher level management, they would appreciate your honesty and value you for the strong position. If they don’t, you need to find a place where they care about making the right thing. Do you want to work with people who are dishonest and would do anything for more power and money? There is nothing wrong with being protective of the values you have – the best companies know that. And you want to work only with the best, right?

4. You are a better manager – Your goal as a manager is to reach certain results while still being a human being. Your team knows that too. If you are willing to do anything – even against your own beliefs, then are you the person they should look up to? Your team might lose their trust in you and this is when problems start to appear. Even if you only crossed this invisible line once, who can guarantee you won’t do it again? Standing up for what you value makes you better in the eyes of people who work with you on a daily basis – they appreciate your honesty because they know you have more to lose.

 5. You do everything with ease – When you are confident, trust your own instincts and know people around you value your opinion, you have far les problems with daily tasks, team management and project implementation.

One of the things that comes from inside and helps us become greater and better, is our authenticity. Everyone is always advising to be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. But the real value of being yourself is the way you feel and the way other people perceive you.

About Belinda MJ. Brown

Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Equanimity Executive, Belinda assists leaders and executives working in Diverse Organizations to develop their leadership skills which include communication, problem solving and decision making. She empowers women and individuals from minority groups to dare thinking outside the box so they can focus on bringing their leadership style to the workplace.