Expat Coaching

Expat coaching for Executives and Managers Assigned to a New Cultural Environment

Equanimity Executive, LLC supports not only individual executives and managers but organizations to help ease the transition to a new cultural environment by providing the following services:

Cultural - Expatriate Coaching, Expat Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching, Global Coach - Expatriate Coaching also called Cross Cultural Coaching is a professional relationship betwwen a coach and a client who is either an executive expatriate or a spouse of an expatriate

arrowItem Utilizing an individual cultural adaptation and performance program.
arrowItem Producing a high level of cultural awareness to help ease cultural adaptation.
arrowItem Reducing the amount of time spent transitioning, which allows clients to have a more immediate impact at their new post abroad.
arrowItem Providing practical support concerning the operations and expectations of businesses abroad.
arrowItem Leveraging the coaching process to develop an identity within the client that more closely represents those found in the new cultural environment.
arrowItem Providing high quality cultural assessments.

The global leadership and expat coach uses a Cultural Awareness coaching process:

tickItem one-on-one coaching packages
tickItem group coaching packages
tickItem workshop sessions

ICF Certified Executive Coach


Expat Coaching for Spouse and Family of an Expatriate Assigned Abroad

Did you hear about the term “Culture Shock”? Relocating abroad can be particularly difficult for a spouse accompanying an executive or manager. A global leadership and expat coach will work with the spouse and family of an expatriate to help each member of the family find a place in the new location by providing the following services:

Culture Shock, Coaching Services for Spouse, Expat Coaching, Develop cultural awareness to adapt
arrowItem Guiding the spouse to set ambitious goals for the time spent abroad.
arrowItem Providing understanding of emotional reaction and cultural values.
arrowItem Creating a strong sense of personal and professional direction.
arrowItem Developing a global citizen identity that is compatible with the new location.
arrowItem Dealing with feelings of isolation and difficulties while in the adaptation phase.
arrowItem Ensuring that day-to-day activities are successful.
arrowItem Providing high quality assessments.

Through one of the cultural awareness leadership coaching programs, your global leadership and expat coach uses a coaching process that involves:

tickItem one-on-one coaching or couples coaching.