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At Equanimity Executive we believe in the opportunity to engage with our prospects, followers, and clients around life coaching, leadership development and executive coaching topics. Our goal is to educate, develop and assist individuals and organizations reaching their goals.

Since the beginning of May, our team decided to design contests and activities which will support learning and personal growth at no cost, simply by following us. Those activities are a great way to deepen the connection we have with you as well. Many of you, newsletter subscribers (over 3500 in 2015) have been reading our content for years. Today, we have a chance to engage even more with you, our loyal and curious leaders and self-leaders.

Gabriela, our new Client Success & Awareness Specialist is dedicated to bring you fun and practical activities through coaching games and tools, reflective work and so forth.

We are excited to connect with you soon on social media and hope to help you reach some of your goals and raise your level of awareness.

Upcoming activities and events include followers and fans generated content as well such as a photo or video contest to get to know you better as well. This tap into the human drive to compete and learn on a more interactive way. We feel there is a need for connection to be able to apply everything that we share. You will never see the results you want, unless, you work on them and start playing in achieving them.

As a company we established a set of goals and concepts that we want to achieve. Belinda is constantly innovating and is looking to have fun doing it! Her purpose is to share life skills, help you build resiliency and become a true leader.

Our concept in a more detailed way is based on:  social media activities that connect with our fan based and engage with like minded people.

Join us on Social Media for our next adventures including

Weekly or bi-weekly activities

Free Information and Education about leadership, work life balance, stress management and more

Rewards in form of coaching services, spa gift cards and more

Opportunities to belong to Equanimity Executive (EQX) community

About Belinda MJ. Brown

Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Equanimity Executive, Belinda assists leaders and executives working in Diverse Organizations to develop their leadership skills which include communication, problem solving and decision making. She empowers women and individuals from minority groups to dare thinking outside the box so they can focus on bringing their leadership style to the workplace.

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