DiSC Behaviors and Motivators: Enhance Communication and Collaboration

DiSC Behaviors and Motivators: Enhance Communication and Collaboration

How and what you communicate impact greatly the outcomes you expect.  As individuals, we exhibit behaviors depending on our personality and our values and interests. TTi has developed an instruments that will not only provide valuable information about behavioral styles (How and What) but reveal Why ones behave in a certain way by exploring motivators and drivers.

DISC Measures Observable Behavior & Emotions

The “WHAT” and “HOW” of your life and your work DiSC Communication and Collaboration4 Profiles DISC describes how we express our internal emotions through our external behavior The behavioral model was initially developed by Dr. William Moulton Marston. Harvard psychologist, he developed the most universal behavioral instrument DiSC and published “The Emotions of Normal People” in 1928 in which he described the theory.  In 1940, Walter Clarke designed a tool that highlights the perception that one has for oneself and a perception of how this individual want to be perceived by others. In the 70’s Bill J.Bonnstetter established Target Training International (TTI) and in 1984 created an integrated assessments which measure values and behaviors. Understand behavior help tremendously in communicating but as well in assigning the right responsibilities to the right people, in order to utilize human capital in harmony with their abilities and communication style.

Motivators Measures Interests & Drivers

DiSC & MotivatorsThe “WHY” of your   behavior 6 “attitudes”, “motivators” Sought to discover & understand “why” we see the world differently The Foundation of this assessment comes from a book entitled “Types of Men” and written by Eduard Spranger in 1928.  He was a theorist with the intent on discovering and understanding the truth about how we perceive the reality. This tool provides you great insights about why people feel engaged and disengaged in particular situations. When you start to pay attention to what motivates you and others you can adjust your behavior and your communication style, not to manipulate, but to create a win-win collaboration.


Universal Communicator Package


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