What Our Clients Say

  • Belinda Brown was an outstanding mentor on my journey to becoming a life coach. She taught me many valuable lessons and provided me with many useful resources. I don’t believe I could have found a more helpful and informative mentor that Belinda and for that I am extremely grateful. This amazing lady will teach you everything you would ever need. Thank you, Belinda!
    ~Melinda McCann

    Work With A Mentor Coach

  • In all my professional years of experiences and preparation, this is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended!  With Belinda’s methodology, I learned more about myself and about others which will definitely help my communication and thinking skills.  I have recommended your training and coaching to several managers with in order to align operations.


    ~Rafael Caamaño, Associate Director, UCF Business Incubator

    Communication and Thinking Skills

  • “Belinda has assisted me to reconnect with my inner self, to remember my core values and to use those as my guiding force in my life.  She has helped me gain awareness to my weaknesses and most importantly how other people perceive my behavior.  Some of the things people think about me are not who I am at all but it was all about how I was acting – not listening (and didn’t know it), being too direct and too serious all the time. I learned active listening skills and to adjust my communication style to other people. I realized that I did not even really have to change myself – you just need to acknowledge and be aware of your own behaviors or habits. I have also learned to have some of the “courageous conversations” that are imperative to being a successful leader.  All in all, the experience of executive coaching has been a life changer for me and I have Belinda to thank for that!  I will recommend Belinda to all of my friends and leaders”


    ~Shelli Girard, Sr Engineering Manager with Seagate Technology

    Courageous Conversations To Be a Successful Female Leader

  • I recently attended one of Belinda’s workshops on communication for LaunchCode’s candidates at the Idea Center at Miami Dade College in Miami, FL. and I was impressed at the structure and the details of her work, including exercises and role play. The quality of the content was second to none and she provided great supporting material to complement the information, facilitate understanding and reinforce the learning process. The feedback from all the participants was positive above measure. If you want to communicate with persuasion and influence others with the power of your language, this workshop is a must. After this workshop I can never see the communication process the same way again. It will have a long-lasting impact on me.

    ~Erick Marenco, LaunchCode.org

    Communicate With Persuasion And Influence Others

  • Goals Setting with Leadership and Executive Coaching

    Goals Settings TestimonialBelinda helped me to follow through with my to-do list and tackle self-motivation issues that come with working alone from home and preparing for the important transition that is welcoming a baby. While working going through the leadership coaching program we assessed my needs, set concrete timelines to my action plans, and I was able to achieve all my set goals (SMART Goals Setting ). Once I reached those goals, we brainstormed to define a strategy and to find more creative and cost effective ways to promote my business. With great positive results from clients and prospects I have now a strategy in place that will keep my business growing while having my baby. With Belinda’s help I have a better and bigger program in place than I would ever thought I would be able to implement. What I liked the most was to have an experienced “sparring partner” that held me accountable, challenge my beliefs and with who I could bounce off my ideas to get new impulses.

    ~Antje P.,from Germany, Managing Partner, Firewall Computer Services, LLC, Orlando, FL

    Goals Setting: Ease Your Life

  • Time Management TestimonialSpeaking Engagement on Time Management and Emotional Intelligence.

    Thank you again for speaking recently at our Coffee Club and Nona’s Café con Leche networking group. We have received numerous compliments on your presentation and the message you delivered at each of those meetings. We definitely appreciated how you tailored your messages on Emotional Intelligence and on Time Management to fit our audience. By doing this, you were able to engage the audience right way, provided examples they could relate to and walk away with tips and tools they could apply immediately.
    I will keep you in mind for future opportunities to speak. If I hear of anyone looking for a guest speaker, I’ll be sure to pass on your information. Once again, thank you for your time and professional services to the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

    ~Gege Venant Saintilus, Membership Director at the East Orlando Chamber Of Commerce, Orlando , FL

    Time Management Tips

  • “I was coming out of a burnout and was just leaving a state of high anxiety – which I wanted to quit. At the same time. I knew I wanted to change the direction of my professional life, but was unable to create any steps to move forward. This was greatly affecting my private life – mostly in handling a relationship. I felt stuck and wanted to move forward.
    It was a third attempt to say yes to coaching, after two failed experiences… I brought a big challenge for my coach and she actually took a very different approach than the previous ones to challenge me. Despite the fact that everything occurred over phone, I really had the feeling she could understand instantly the way I was functioning. As a result, she was always offering some extremely simple methods, exercises which usually had a huge and immediate effect in my personal and professional life.
    Because of my work with Belinda I have managed to get over anxiety, to recover fully from this burnout. Whenever I “FEEL” I am able to analyze the causes of my emotions and try to understand them. I am capable to rely more on my intuition, and this helps me a lot in my daily life. I have the confidence that what I have been looking for is waiting for me, and has never been so close. I just have to accomplish a few final steps to obtain it.
    On one hand, it took me a lot of time to be fully started in this process due to my past experiences, and be able to accomplish by myself the steps. On the other hand, some progresses were extremely fast, and I certainly have traveled a long way – by growing more over 9 month than over the 9 past years! I’m really grateful for Belinda’s help.

    Anne-Laure C. Project Manager in the banking and financial industry, France

    Burnout, and after?

  • I met Belinda at one of the 2012 NSHMBA events and although we had a very short interaction, she was able to provide practical advice to help me advance in my professional career in quite an assertive fashion. She is an energetic and positive individual with highly polished people skills that is willing to put her talent to the service of others.

    – Alejandra Guzman, MBA Candidate at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

    Looking for a Career Transition

  • Belinda MJ.Brown was very pleasant during my interaction with her as an Executive Coach at the NSH MBA conference. I felt at ease, and her ability to understand and relate to my story was extraordinary. She possesses a remarkable intuition and coaching method. She is able to switch hats between an enabler and an adviser. The coaching experience helped me to be more confident in myself and in the steps I need to take in order to advance my career. Belinda has very strong skills set and I would use and recommend her professional services to anyone that wants to achieve its personal and professional objectives.

    – Marco V., Supervisor, Customer Experience, Riverview, FL –

    Advance My Career: Great Results, Expert, Creative

  • With a very busy schedule and always a lot on my plate both personally and professionally, I hoped that my coach would assist me to prioritize, better define my goals, and move towards them in a very positive way. All this Belinda has partnered with me to do using her excellent coaching skills. Using her insights and thoughtful, purposeful questions, I was able to gain clarity around my strengths and goals. I faced some “blocks” head on and with Belinda’s help was able to move beyond them. I also learned that things don’t have to be perfect before I allow myself to let them out into the world. This was a huge breakthrough for me. The thing that I benefitted from and enjoyed the most was the close and trusting relationship that we built up while coaching. Having someone champion me and celebrate my successes along the way, while holding me accountable to do what I said I was going to do has been invaluable to me. During the process I’ve developed more self-belief and seen what I’m capable of. Also, despite a very busy day to day schedule, I can keep moving forward to my goals and dreams. I am in an ongoing coaching relationship with Belinda and know without doubt that I will have many further breakthroughs and successes. I have full confidence in her as coach and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

    – Rosemary D., Small Business Owner, Microsoft Office Specialist Trainer, from South Africa, Sarasota, FL –

    How Transition and Global Leadership Coaching Works For Me