Our Mission, Our Values

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our Mission: Empower Executive Women and Diverse Organizations

Equanimity Executive, LLC Provides Global Leadership Coaching for Executive Women, Men and Diverse Organizations in addition to Expat Coaching Services. Empower People | Cultural Values | Organization Culture

We truly believe

that  every individual, every organization in every community can be empowered as they fully explore, uncover and utilize the potential of human capital. By empowering men and women to collaorate and organizations, we enhance employees and clients’ experiences. We are confidently the enabler; our clients provide the energy to make not only business ventures successful but their life as well. Whether a client is a successful women executive or leader or a diverse organization willing to utilize differences and diversity as a strength, our coaching approach champions happy and effective leadership which benefit an individual community or the world at large.

Our executive coaches are expert in leadership development, conflict management and emotional intelligence to creatively help our clients excel in any aspect of their life. Our clients require confidentiality, trust, non-judgment, high quality and unique cultural values assessments to help them to move up comfortably in any area of their life.

We are convinced

that working toward Sustainable Development of the Individual and our client’s agenda enrich an organization culture and impact positively the world while increasing profitability and performance.

Equanimity Executive, LLC values curiosity, open-mindedness, integrity and trust in the coaching process and in our clients

We confide

in empowerment of our clients to determine and to enjoy success. It enables the creation of positive contagious energy which increases both professional and personal performance. By experiencing Global Leadership & Executive Coaching we want:

Women and Men to feel engaged in their life and in their organization

Conflict to turn into opportunities

Diversity to be utilized as an added value

Differences to become a valuable asset

Women Vision to be integrated in the organization’s culture

Our clients look for overcoming feelings of isolation and disengagement either due to the fact that their vision is totally discarded or that differences and diversity are ” numbers” to comply with the law but remain a underutilized leverages. Organizations look for a transition phase to find a new purpose that will embrace diversity as a real asset by developing Cultural Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Non-Judgment. We assess cultural values and organizational culture. Our focus is on empowering our clients to create positive contagious energy and perform at their best in each area of their lives.

Our Coaching Practice is proud to contribute to the development of sustainable changes in our client’s lives and organizations.

Our clients are from different background and various regions of the world. They share an interest in cultural values and in the organization culture. They are successful women and diverse organizations ready to learn from their next challenge. Equanimity Executive, LLC helps its community as well on a regular basis by offering our services at discount to individuals experiencing  transition challenges and audiences served by non-profit organizations.