About Us

Our Mission: Empower people, Enhance experience, Enrich life Using Executive Coaching to promote Women Leadership and Diversity.

Equanimity Executive, LLC’s expertise consist of empowering women executives, diverse teams and organizations in a multicultural environment. Belinda MJ.Brown, CEO,  founded a coaching and consulting practice with the intention to assist individuals, executives, expatriates & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in a challenging and disorienting changing world. Organizations and individuals seek support from Equanimity Executive to ensure their success in any area of their personal or professional life. We offer leadership development through team training, business consulting and executive coaching delivered by talented certified women leaders Belinda MJ.Brown and Estelle Williams.

Our Mission, Our Values

Global Leadership & Executive Coach | Challenges of Globalization

Equanimity Executive, LLC Provides Global Leadership and Executive Coaching as well as Expat Coaching Services. We assist Women Leaders, Teams, Executives, and entire corporations… VIEW MORE DETAIL

Our Team

Global Leadership & Executive Coach | Challenges of Globalization

Both our Executive Coach and our Training & Leadership Development Consultant have had a remarkable experience assisting people & organization to succeed in a globalized environment… VIEW MORE DETAIL