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3 Essential Qualities To Make Sustainable Changes

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.”-Mahatma Gandhi

From presidential candidates to the average main street citizen, change is in the air. At some point, everyone wants to make a change. The people that surround us in our community like friends, relatives, coworkers and politicians are all talking about the miraculous effect of making a sustainable change. As nations and organizations strive towards changing their image and manner of operating, they need to keep the concepts of courage, commitment and self-mastery at the forefront of their minds. Without these skills, people can never take the first step towards a sustainable difference in how they live their lives. To reach common goals, the first step is the most difficult one and distractions are in abundance, but these values can help individuals and corporations to stay the course and affect a dramatic difference in their lives. Understanding how courage, commitment and self-mastery transform the individual and bring about a change enables us to lead ourselves, our organization and even our nations to success.


Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”. It takes a great deal of personal courage to be able to transform oneself and start on the task of transforming an organization or a community. Young Kevin Kay, a Maryland high school student who won the 2011 National John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest, knew the value of courage well. He wrote his essay on the story of John B. Orr, Junior. John B. Orr was a representative from Florida in the 1950s that stood up for what he believed in.

During this time period, the Supreme Court ruled on the case of Brown v. the Board of Education. Schools in Florida were set to be desegregated and legislators were rushing to figure out ways around the desegregation process. When it came time to vote on the proposition, every legislator in the room voted for the proposition while only John B. Orr, Jr. voted against it. In his twenty minute speech explaining his vote, he railed against supporting an immoral act just because that is the way things had always been. Two elections later, he lost his seat to a Southern supremacist, but his impact remained. Due to his influence, the eventual desegregation of Florida schools was
able to take place.

The courage he faced in his upwards battle against segregation is an inspiration for others to take. After he voted against segregation, people called his house with death threats and burned crosses in his yard. Yet, John B. Orr J. persevered. This kind of courage is an example for ordinary people of what can be accomplished if you have the bravery to stand up for what you believe in despite the challenges. Having courage to achieve your dreams and effect change creates a momentum that leads to success. This success comes from achieving the goal set for yourself or your organization. Success has many definitions for different individuals, organizations and communities.What is yours?


Creating a goal and having the courage to follow through is the first part of changing your life. To create a sustainable change, an individual or organization must demonstrate a commitment to their purpose. IKEA is one of the many examples of a company who stove to commit themselves to their core values. They chose to demonstrate responsibility to the environment and to their community rather than just sell home furnishings. Along the way, IKEA managed to reduce their carbon footprint and help create more sustainable forestry practices. According to the Sacramento Bee, “IKEA Canada is committed to contributing to the company’s Global direction to reduce the amount of emissions associated with its business operations. To symbolize their action against climate change, IKEA Canada is participating in the Earth Hour campaign for the fourth consecutive year. The annual campaign is a global call to action to turn out lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, 2012.”(Source The Sacramento Bee). The commitment they show to sustainable business practices has led to the success of their company and a strong business model that other companies seek to emulate.

Self Mastery

As King Louis XIV once said, “There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.” Someone who has the ability to master their own mind and purpose can put those skills to use in the world around them. This kind of person resonates with success. Their mindset attracts the right people, places and opportunities without trying. By being able to conquer their own soul, they are able to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way without fear or hesitation. Many people practice and study various arts and become almost a master at their studies, yet the only thing you can truly conquer is yourself. Each person has the opportunity in their life to become more attune with who they are and confident in their own personality. This skill is at once one of the easiest and most difficult. Self-mastery enables you to make the most out of your mental, physical and spiritual health. Before you can help others, you must first help yourself. Each person has their own personality and unique design. At its core, this being is perfect. By learning how to tap into this core personality, we can unleash our gifts upon the world. When you can share your gift with the world, you can be considered a self-master. It does not matter what you do or how much; it matters who you are and how you express yourself. Stop trying to be who you are not and become who you are. Self-Mastery means living an abundant, fulfilled and enjoyable life. A self-master is in control without ever having to control anyone else. You become the cause instead of the effect of your life and resonate at a high frequency of energy that attracts everything you could want in your life. With little or no effort, the path of change and self-mastery can be found by even the most unlikely of persons. Live life the way it was meant to and become the master of your fate.

About Belinda MJ. Brown

Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Equanimity Executive, Belinda assists leaders and executives working in Diverse Organizations to develop their leadership skills which include communication, problem solving and decision making. She empowers women and individuals from minority groups to dare thinking outside the box so they can focus on bringing their leadership style to the workplace.


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    It liked this interesting article and your newsletter as well. I agree with most of your points and it looks simple by reading it but to implement I feel totally overwhelmed. Where and how do I start?

    The courage, I may find it but how do you find the resources to keep going when everything around you is against you. Life is hard, corporate America expect more and more from us , our co-workers and our management rely extensively on you.

    I thank you though for this breeze of fresh air. I may contact you to discuss about your services in a near future.

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