• "Awareness is our power to choose our experience of life. Deepening our listening skills, using curiosity & mastering are among the paths to awareness."
    - Belinda MJ Brown -

Executive Coaching & Corporate Training Designed For Both Individuals & Organizations

About Us

Equanimity Executive, LLC Provides World-Class Executive Coaching and Corporate Training Services. Among our clients, Leaders, Women Executives, Organizations promoting Diversity, and Expatriates. Our team assists professionals, corporate teams and entire corporations as they fully explore, uncover and utilize the potential of human capital. As executive coaches, we are mind shifters and enablers, and our clients provide the energy to make their ventures successful.

Your Corporate Success

We provide professional executive coaching solutions to solve the challenges and create opportunities for organizations of the 21st century and their diverse leaders. We partner with your organization to explore and support sustainable solutions by understand the What, the How, and your Why.

Your Individual Success

Through the coaching program, Equanimity Executive's team, LLC led by Belinda MJ Brown, ICF certified executive coach, provides: one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshop and training sessions. We support individuals looking to overcome personal challenges when transitioning by experiencing personal coaching and create career opportunities using career coaching.

Our Coaching Methodology

Equanimity [ɛkwəˈnɪmɪti] is a state of mental or emotional stability or composure arising from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment. We developed a 5 steps process called ACE IT which enables our individual or organizational clients to measure their progress and achieve their goals.